I am still surprised of the frugal nature of some newlyweds. It seems like 100% of them hire a photographer and only about 50% hire a videographer.
It’s disappointing because out of the 500-600 photographs that they receive they only end up liking about 15-20. They pay anywhere from $1500-$7000 for these images which equates to about $100-500 for single image.
With videography you get to capture every special moment and it is no more expensive than photography.
But with a photographer they will not be able to capture the vows at the ceremony, the toasts from their grandparents, friends, relatives and anyone else who flew in from New Zealand, or wherever else, for their wedding in hopes of being able to share the joy of this extremely special moment with the newlyweds. Pictures can only capture a single moment, whereas video can record every single moment, every speech, music and every dance. Things that are only going to be said and happen once in a lifetime.
Many videographers use the same DSLR cameras for filming in full HD that photographers use to make a single shot. In Video you get 1800 photos in one minute. You can actually get high quality photographs from the actual video if you just pause it; or the quality of the blu-ray dvd will blow your mind.

I am very happy to say that I had the opportunity to film the wedding of my good friend Alex’s daughter. This wonderful day began at the Alexis hotel in the honeymoon suite with the preparation of the bride and groom. The stunning bride was out of this world beautiful and the handsome groom was looking flashy and stylish. The reception took place at “The Canal” where the happy couple was accompanied by friends from all over the world.

Thanks to:
Creative Cake Designs,
Integral DJs,
Elegant Affairs – Day-of Coordinator

On the Job: Seattle Wedding Videography

We are so thankful that I had the chance to work with Pasha and Alla. Not only were they so obviously in love, but they were so fun to work with. The day was such a breeze and started off so great. There was a farmhouse and barn right on the property that allowed for some amazing photographs without having to go far. We were able to get some awesome stylized shots. The day went on and we ended up at Mukilteo Beach Lighthouse where the magic between them continued to happen. The sun was bright and the day was ending perfectly. We got to see where Pasha proposed and it truly was something special. I wish only the best for these two!

Cinematography – Boris Studio
Thanks to Seattle wedding photographer – Seatownphoto.

What an amazing wedding this year! Bride and Groom planned out their day with many cool events What a pleasure to work with such people!

On the Job: Seattle Wedding Videographer ( boris-studio.com/ )
3 camera crew, catching every possible moment, reactions, and feelings of this beautiful day.

This time we used a Phantom radio controlled aircraft. Stunning perspectives

Something unique, new and old at the same time.
New style for us at our studio, vintage style for others.
A beautiful wedding on a wonderful autumn day.
Roman and Tatyana prepared an amazing vintage style wedding, with many precious details that only a crew of 2 videographers could keep up with. Tatyana did an immaculate job in providing all of the beautiful vintage things for their event.

Boris Studio – Seattle Wedding Videographer

I met Derya and David оn Facebook and they later hired our team to film their wedding. I’m so happy they did. It was our first time working at the Monte Cristo Ballroom, which is a beautiful venue that I now love returning to. With tears and smiles, I loved and can’t forget the first look between these two. It had everyone surrounding them emotional and let everyone know they were truly meant to be. They had a big bridal party full of many close friends who came to celebrate Derya’s and David’s big day. Full of funny toasts and a lot of festive dancing, we were left with a ton of great footage to edit. Congrats to Derya & David on tying the knot, they work so well together.
Thank you Derya and David for having us at your Wedding Day.

Photographer – F7 Photography
Boris Studio – Seattle Wedding Cinematography

The journey of this wedding started off at Tulalip resort casino. Then, after walking around downtown Snohomish and filming the bride and groom, we headed off to the venue, Jardin del Sol. Katherine was worried that the weather would be bad, and the wedding would be spoiled because everything was outside. But the venue brought many comforts and joys. It was a perfect sunny day. The place was spacious with gorgeous backgrounds of flowers and trees, green allies and grass fields.
The ceremony was led by award winning wedding officiant Ray Van Winkle, and music for reception was brought by DJ-Todd Saunders.

The wedding ceremony took place in a Mandap (the four-pole canopy at centre stage). The sacred fire in the Mandap symbolises not only the illumination of the mind, knowledge and happiness but is also a clean and pure witness to the ceremony as it progresses. The ceremony itself is a collection of rituals performed by the bride, bridegroom and their respective parents and close relatives. The priest chants “mantras” from the Vedas that were originally written in Sanskrit.
This Highlight Video captures all the various traditional wedding rituals.

Photographer: Azzura Photography
Ken Shepard

WTC/Venue Coordinator:
Jeniffer Johnson

Puget Spund DJ
Alan Chitlik

Congratulations to Cody and Randa! We had a lot of fun capturing their special day.
We did photos in the park at Point Defiance many times, this time we got to record at Point Defiance Pagoda, which is an amazing venue for such celebrations
This is just a sample of 2 camera work, and the amount of one time moments, it is possible to capture!